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Girl Group LABOUM Will Reportedly Disband At The End Of August
They will disband after 8 years.
Kim Garam Shares The Full Report From The School Violence Committee
The details of the school violence committee meeting are out.
HYBE Releases Response Following Kim Garam’s New Statement
HYBE has commented.
Starship Entertainment Announces I.M Will Leave The Company But Continue To Promote With MONSTA X
He will still promote with them even in a different company.
Actress Han So Hee Suffers Facial Injury During K-Drama Filming, Taken To Emergency Room
She received emergency treatment.
Meet BTS Jin’s Best Friend And Worst Enemy: Bang Si Hyuk
They have a hilarious relationship that’s 50% business and 50% fun.
Pledis Entertainment Announces Jang Gyuri Will Leave fromis_9
fromis_9 will now be 8 members.
YG Entertainment Promises The Most Expensive Music Video EVER For BLACKPINK’s August Comeback
YG keeps building the hype.
Former OH MY GIRL Member Jiho Reportedly Joins Park Hyung Sik’s Agency P&Studio As An Actress
She has found a new home.
2PM’s Chansung And His Wife Welcome The Birth Of Their First Daughter
Congratulations to the family!