Jenny was born and raised in Korea before emigrating to the United States, which she now calls home. Having started as H.O.T.'s biggest fan girl, Jenny literally “grew up with K-Pop” and brings her extensive knowledge of the music, language, and culture to bear on everything she writes. She loves artists like IU, SHINee, and MONSTA X.
Daesang Winner Yoo Jae Suk’s Acceptance Speech At The “57th Baeksang Arts Awards” Receives National Praise From Koreans

They believe he’s “using his influence the right way” by “speaking up about current affairs.”

One Rookie Actor’s Adorably Panic-Filled Acceptance Speech At The “57th Baeksang Arts Awards” Is Cracking Up The Internet

He made his sunbaes Song Joong Ki and Shin Hye Sun burst into laughter too!

Actor Lee Kwang Soo Bids Goodbye To “Running Man” Team After 11 Years On The Show

“He has decided to take some time off and prioritize his recovery.”

Try SEVENTEEN Vernon’s New Challenge: It Will Tell You If You’re Addicted To Your Cellphone

The rule is simple. Close your eyes and type!

Kang Daniel Reveals The Heartbreaking Reason Why He Doesn’t Really Leave His House Anymore

There’s more to it than the fact he’s a total homebody.

Highlight Shares An Exclusive Sneak Peek Performance On “Knowing Bros” For The First Time As A Four-Membered Group

Now the anticipation for the album is through the roof!

K-Pop Industry Insiders Reveal Why DSP Media Is Likely To Lose The Lawsuit Against Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo

“Entertainment agencies are required by contract to provide quality management…”

STAYC Members Reveal Why They Can’t Have Cellphones Just Yet… And Fans Discuss K-Pop’s “Phone Ban”

“But it’s literally 2021…?!”

Korean Fans Demand DSP Media To Terminate Contract With Former Member Lee Hyunjoo, Following The Agency’s New Statement Denying The Bullying Allegation

“You seem to have forgotten that Lee Hyunjoo is also an artist still under your management…”

APRIL Members Chaewon And Yena Deny Former Member Lee Hyunjoo’s Claim About The Years Of Team Bullying

They both said APRIL has always been a close-knit group, working toward a shared goal.