G.Soul dishes on his debut and releases BTS footage of “You” MV

Recently, G.Soul sat down with Genie to talk about his new album, his 15-year training experience, and what he hopes to accomplish as an artist. In addition, Genie released behind-the-scenes stills and a “making of” video for the music video of “You.”

Known to have endured one of the longest trainee periods, G.Soul recently debuted under JYP Entertainment’s new label Studio J with “You” off of his Coming Home mini-album, which was released on January 19th.

Genie: Please introduce your new mini-album “Coming Home” and the mindset with which you worked on and prepared this release.
G.Soul: I simply was very frank about my story as I think I cared most about that. We tried to put the emotions felt in real life into music without being limited to a genre, which led to producing a variety of songs with strong feelings.

Genie: Aside from “You,” please recommend your favorite song that you listen to a lot.
G.Soul: “You” is a song where I try to stick to the emotions in a moment. I think my screaming vocals and the strong drumbeats make for an impressive song. All of the songs are special, since they made it on to my debut mini-album, but I think “Once More” is one of the best songs since it is more filled with the emotion of love.

Genie: Who has had the most impact on you as a trainee? Name three people and tell us why.
G.Soul: First, myself. Saying to myself that I’m finding my style and my own monologues while I practice really had an impact on my practicing.
Second, JYP PD, but there are many reasons…I think it can be conveyed without a name but just by those three letters! Hahaha.
Third, Joseph Kelly…and the mentors and managers I met in the United States. They taught me to be more than just a singer who is only singing, but to be an artist and what it means to be a friend.

Genie: What do you want to be remembered as?
G.Soul: I want to be remembered as a free artist. As my name implies, I want to be remembered as an artist whose soul is felt.

Genie: Thank you and we’re rooting for your future plans, G.Soul, please greet the fans who have long awaited your debut.
G.Soul: I really must thank the fans who have cheered for me and waited for my debut. We will work hard to make good music for you to hear. Thank you.

Check out his “making of” video and behind-the-scenes stills below!

G.Soul You BTS Stills 1

Source: Genie