DUM DUM Studio Announces The Cancellation Of “Yeri’s Room Season 2” Due To The “Unforeseen Business Circumstances” Of SM Entertainment

They have canceled the show.

Iranian Rapper Under Fire For His Homophobic Comments Towards BTS

Fans are asking for him to apologize.

SHINee’s Taemin Accidentally Promoted SuperM & The Members’ Reactions Were Priceless

Classic SHINee antics 😂

5 Times K-Pop Idols Put Disrespectful People In Their Place

#2 was extremely savage!

Even BTS’s Staff Can’t Handle Jimin And Jungkook’s Chaotic Energy

She’s one of us.

Actor Lee Shin Young Confirmed To Drop Out Of Upcoming KBS Drama “Seen from a Distance, Green Spring”

He will be leaving the drama.

Actor Na In Woo Will Reportedly Replace Ji Soo In KBS Drama “River Where the Moon Rises”

KBS may have their replacement.

BTS’s Jimin Finally Answers Whether The High Notes In “Life Goes On” Are His Voice Or A Woman’s Voice 

The debate is over!

Former Figure Skater Reveals She Was Forced To Give Up Her Skating Dreams To Become A Shaman

She would have died if she didn’t accept it.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Once Again A Strict But Loveable Mentor In “Youth With You 3”

She did her best to help them!