Actor Son Seok Koo’s Impressive Duality Between “My Liberation Notes” And “The Roundup”

The two roles couldn’t be more opposite!

Actor Son Seok Koo impressed fans with his emotional acting in the K-Drama My Liberation Notes. Although the K-Drama was not immediately successful, viewers ended up relating to the characters and enjoyed watching the journey of the three siblings and a perfect stranger.

My Liberation Notes

In My Liberation Notes, actor Son Seok Koo plays Mr. Gu, a stranger who encounters three siblings, Yeom Chang Hee (played by Lee Min Ki), Yeom Mi Jeong (played by Kim Ji Won), and Yeom Gi Jeong (played by Lee El).

Life takes a toll on three siblings who long to be freed from their mundane routines. But when a mysterious drunkard moves to their quiet village, their dreams of excitement and fulfillment no longer seem so far away.

— The Swoon

Fans couldn’t help but fall for the chemistry between Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won’s characters and ultimately rooted for all the characters in the K-Drama to find their own versions of happiness.

Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won in My Liberation Notes

And while My Liberation Notes gave Son Seok Koo the ability to show off his incredible acting skills, fans of the actor are impressed by his immense duality in the recent Korean film, The Roundup.

Ma Dong Seok in The Roundup

The film is a sequel to The Outlaws, released in 2017, and follows police officer Ma Suk Do (played by Ma Dong Seok) and his team. In the story, the team is dispatched to Vietnam for a covert operation to apprehend a psychotic kidnapper and murderer, Kang Hae Sang (played by Son Seok Koo), who preys on rich Korean travelers.

Son Seok Koo in The Roundup

Unlike My Liberation Notes, where Son Seok Koo’s character was relatable and lovable…

My Liberation Notes | Netflix

The Roundup truly highlights Son Seok Koo’s incredible acting ability as he successfully plays such a terrifying villain.

The Roundup

Fans can definitely look forward to what other roles Son Seok Koo may take on in the future to further demonstrate his acting prowess.