BTS’s RM Once Started A Huge Fanwar With EXO-L By Posting The Wrong Picture

Oops. That’s not V!

BTS‘s RM is living proof that even the most intelligent people can make mistakes but, unfortunately for him, that mistake involved a case of mistaken identity, social media, and legions of offended netizens!


It all started with an innocent tweet. Every time a BTS member turns a year older, his members entertain fans by tweeting out goofy photos of the birthday boy.

This year, Jimin was kind enough to post this for Jungkook‘s birthday.


When V‘s turned 21, RM uploaded 4 derp pictures, but only 3 of those pictures were of V.


The 4th was EXO‘s Kai!


Kai and V don’t normally look alike, but derp pictures can confuse anyone, even group members!


The mix-up upset many EXO-Ls so much that RM decided to resolve tensions by personally addressing the issue.


He sincerely apologized to both Kai and offended netizens for mistaking Kai’s photo for V’s.

“I sincerely apologize to Kai (senior) and everyone who felt uncomfortable by the photo I accidentally posted.”  — RM


In response to the apology, many kind-hearted fans came to RM’s defense…


…and assured him that they still loved him.


After all, not everyone was upset about RM’s mistake. Some people thought it was cute…


…just like him!