#DebtToo Scandal

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Top Korean Actress Revealed To Have Lived In Old Cheap Apartment Because Of Her Mom’s Debt And Fraud
She’s worth millions but had to give it all up because of her mother.
Julien Kang Under Fire For His Father’s Unpaid Debts From 2 Years Ago
Both Julien and his father made a statement.
Kim Hye Soo’s Mom Accused Of Stealing Over $1.1 Million Through Fraud
Her agency responded to the claims.
Popular Idol’s Father Mr. Heo Responds To Fraud Accusations
He shamed TV Chosun.
Popular Idol’s Dad Accused Of Committing Fraud For Over 600 Million Won
The victim filed a lawsuit against him.
Tiffany Opens Up About The Hardships She Faced With #DebtToo Scandal
She bared her heart out to the fans.
Victim Claims BTOB Minhyuk’s Father Hasn’t Paid Off Debt in 10 Years in Another #DebtToo Case, Cube Entertainment Responds
Cube Entertainment has made a statement but the dispute continues.
G.o.d Kim Taewoo’s Father-In-Law Accused Of Fleeing To The US Without Paying Off His Debt, Agency Responds
The #DebtToo movement continues.
Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Responds To Accusations Against Her Father Involving #DebtToo Movement
“It has been 7 years since I’ve been in contact with him.”