BTS’s V Proves To Be A True Parisian Prince Ahead Of The CELINE Paris Fashion Show
From a private jet to clubbing, V is sharing his global superstar travels!
Former Idol Group Members Dish On Dating Amongst K-Pop Idols And The Reality Of Trainee Life
The girls spill the tea on life as a trainee, sneaking out of dorms, and how idols date.
Charlie Puth’s “Left And Right” Creative Director Matthew Daniel Siskin Receives Criticism For Misspelling BTS Jungkook’s Name
There also seemed to be a misunderstanding over whether or not Jungkook asked for a different stylization.
The 25 Most-Viewed K-Pop Wikipedia Pages For The Last Month
It’s not just BTS and BLACKPINK at the top!
Charlie Puth Can’t Stop Simping Over BTS’s Jungkook
Charlie Puth is, without a doubt, Jungkook biased.

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Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS’s V On The Way To CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show
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EXO Is On EXO Suho’s Mind 24/7, Even When He’s Having The Time Of His Life In Dubai
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TWICE Nayeon’s Interactions With Her Hoobaes Showcase Her True Personality
“I got to self-reflect.”
BLACKPINK’s Lisa Luxuriously Travels To Paris In A Private Jet And Flexes Her Flawless Figure
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Fin.K.L Member Shows Public Support For Fin.K.L’s Ok Joo Hyun Proving Their Friendship Is Everlasting
“Forever Love…”
ARMYs Demand Answers Regarding Delayed Release Of BTS’s Jungkook And Charlie Puth’s “Left And Right” MV
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10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Jungkook And Charlie Puth’s “Left And Right” That Are Way Too Real
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“Congratulations Jimin” Is Trending On Twitter Due To A Massive Accomplishment By The BTS Member
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ASTRO’s Moonbin And Billlie’s Moon Sua Prove They’re An Iconic Sibling Duo In A Collaboration Stage
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The Real Reason Stray Kids’ I.N Stopped Working Out
It was a difficult decision to make.
NCT’s Doyoung Hilariously “Rants” About Past Hardships To Newest NCT Members
It’s hard being “old!”
BTS’s V And Actor Park Bo Gum Turn The Airport Into Their Runway As They Leave For CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show
Check out their outfits!