Park Myung Soo’s donation to charity surfaces once again

News of entertainer Park Myung Soo’s donations have surfaced once again. Despite his cold-hearted character on television, the entertainer has been returning good deeds to the society for a long time now.

On January 16th, celebrity reporters Ahn Jin Yong and Kang Min Jung starred in KBS Cool FM’s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show. The two guest stars are known to be well acquainted with the entertainer, so they told their stories on how they got to become good friends.

During the period when Park Myung Soo’s character was fixed as the devil’s advocate, Ahn Jin Yong released an article regarding his good deeds in charity work. With reporter Ahn Jin Yong’s article, Park Myung Soo was able to transform from “the devil’s advocate” to “the angelic icon.” After the article trended, the entertained was said to have shook Ahn Jin Yong’s hands, thanking him as “the reporter who gave me the wings of an angel.”

Ahn Jin Yong humorously added, “There are celebrities who donate huge sums of money at once to pay less tax. But Park Myung Soo has been consistently donating small amount for a long time now.” Park Myung Soo then promised to continue his donations as the angelic icon.

Source: Newsen