June 27th

Rapper Involved In Diss Battle Breaks In To BewhY’s Label
“It’s too late to apologize, as it is out of my hands now…”
B1A4’s Gongchan Becomes The Next Idol To Star In A BL K-Drama
A contract relationship? Sign us up.
Netizens Call Out aespa’s Giselle For Allegedly Mocking Desi Culture
They feel she hasn’t learned from her past mistakes.
Netizens Are Enraged After (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Is Repeatedly Hit In The Face With Water At 2022 WATERBOMB
“What if she tripped because she couldn’t see?…”
SBS News Reports That The Private Jet Taken By BLACKPINK’s Lisa, BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum Has Been Provided By CELINE
Previously, it was claimed that Lisa had bought the plane.
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s Accuser Changes His Story After Being Sued
“The accuser has changed his words…”
ENHYPEN Fans Understandingly Upset After Discovering Explicit Content Created Of Youngest Member Ni-ki
He’s only 16.
TXT’s Huening Kai’s Gorgeous Visuals Got The Attention Of Everyone… Even A Panel At VidCon
Talk about worldwide handsome!
Bebe Rexha Drops Snippet Of Upcoming Collab With ITZY
It already sounds great!
BTS’s V Takes ARMY Behind The Scenes Of His Trip To Paris For CELINE’s Fashion Show
Check out his 20+ photos cataloging his trip so far!