Kim Jong Kook sends heartwarming message to fans for Turbo’s recent success

Kim Jong Kook took to his fan cafe with a long heartwarming message to thank fans for their continuous support for Turbo following the release of their Best Of Album titled REBOOT: The Best.

The now soloist and variety personality wrote to fans, “These days my body is a bit tired, but I’m happy and I’m thankful and working hard” and went on to express his appreciation to fans for having the opportunity to work not only domestically but internationally as well.

Recently, Kim Jong Kook reunited with fellow Turbo member Kim Jung Nam for Infinity Challenge’s special 90’s band episode “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers.” This is the first time the duo has performed together in 10 years which caused quite a stir.

Regarding their performance, Kim Jong Kook stated, “It was nice to be able to perform on Infinity Challenge with Jung Nam hyung after such a long time. At the same time, I thought much about our other Turbo member Mikey after I was invited as a singer for the upcoming special 800th episode of Inkigayo where we won first place on the show’s first episode with ‘December.'”

Their performance on Infinity Challenge was received warmly by fans that a special repackagefd album containing their best hits was being organised.

To answer fans’ questions about the new album, the singer revealed, “I know that there are a lot of inquiries to the office about the Turbo best album planned to go on sale soon. This album has nothing to do with me, Jung Nam hyung or Mikey. Like before, this album did not take into our wishes and simply remastered existing audio files into an album.

With his closing remarks, Kim Jong Kook said, “Turbo, a group from the past, is to strengthen your good memories and though I’m thankful for the being in the spotlight and all the love I am receiving, some people are using this [release] to misunderstand us and I am worried that those who support us with innocent hearts and share memories with us will suffer and it is such a shame. I hope people will not be hurt when the album is released. I am thankful to all the fans who have continuously cheered for me and have continued cherishing me until now. I will continue to be upright without change. I will do my best in my activities and will greet you with really good music soon! Thank you always. Stay healthy!”

Kim Jong Kook and Mikey will perform on Inkigayo’s special 800th episode which will also star other popular 90s idols including S.E.S, Jinusean, and long running band Shinhwa. 

Source: Asia Today