JYJ’s Junsu files countersuit against construction companies

JYJ‘s Junsu was recently involved in a lawsuit regarding the construction costs of his luxury hotel on Jeju Island. In response to the lawsuit, he filed a countersuit accusing the companies of defamation, libel and fraud.

Kim Junsu’s attorney, Jung Hee Won, stated on the January 13th that “A suit was filed against Jeju Island Construction Company C on the 12th at Gangnam Police Station for defamation, libel, and filing a fraudulent lawsuit.

Attorney Jung states that they “cannot overlook the actions of the company to defame and hurt the Hallyu star’s image in hopes to make an unfair profit.”

Toscana Hotel claims that all the construction costs have been paid off, and that the two companies, Chunji Constructions and CJ Constructions, are actually one company that share the same address. Furthermore, subcontractors have been contacting the hotel because they have yet to be paid from the construction companies. Attorney Jung stated that “there has to be another reason why they are spreading false rumors about singer Kim Junsu in the media like this.”

The two companies sued Kim Junsu claiming that he wrote a promissory note and borrowed money in 2013-14 that has yet to be repaid. To counter this, attorney Jung stated that “fraud is when you trick someone into getting money out of them, but Junsu did not write an IOU during the construction process, nor did he meet with them and hold a conversation with them. By the law, this cannot be labeled as fraud.” The order made by the Jeju Court to Toscana Hotel to repay the loan has also been cancelled by Toscana Hotel’s legal actions.

Source: E Daily, Nate