A Twitch Streamer Is Gaining Attention For Her Resemblance To IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

You can’t unsee it!

Recently, netizens are noticing a Twitch streamer for being IVE Jang Wonyoung‘s look-alike. The streamer has sparked quite the attention as many people believe she looks like a younger version of Wonyoung, as shown below during the idol’s time on Produce 48, back in 2018.

Wonyoung during Produce48

Twitch streamer, known as Kim Holic, is giving fans flashbacks to Wonyoung’s early debut days!

From her puppy dog eyes to even the shape of her mouth, Kim Holic’s features are reminiscent of the singer’s in many ways.

Her chubby cheeks and cute expressions are definitely reminiscent of Wonyoung’s cute aura!

Her double pigtail hairstyle also gives off a similar vibe.

  • “She looks like Wonyoung when she was young lol. When she came on Produce”
  • “She looks like Produce Wonyoung”
  • “She has a [similar] feeling”

Though the two girls don’t look exactly alike, they definitely give off a similar cute vibe!

Source: theqoo