German Radio Host Matthias Matuschik Under Fire For His Racist Comments Towards BTS— Here’s What Happened

This is unacceptable.

German radio host Matthias Matuschik from radio station BAYERN 3 is under fire for his racist comments about BTS.

Matthias Matuschik | @MMatuschik/Twitter

In a Twitter video released by an ARMY, Matthias can be heard comparing BTS to COVID-19, in that he hopes “a vaccine will be available soon.

While he attempts to defend himself by saying he isn’t xenophobic, he follows up the statement with an angry criticism of BTS’s cover of “Fix You” by Coldplay.

For this [cover of Coldplay], you will be spending the next 20 years on “vacation” in North Korea.

— Matthias Matuschik

Needless to say, ARMY are appalled by Matthias’s racist comments, and have banded together to create email templates as well as a list of email addresses to send the templates to.

The action group against anti-Asian discrimination in Germany tweeted about the situation as well, to which Matthias responded back.

Even non K-Pop fans are appalled by his comments.