Epik High’s Mithra Jin And Wife Kwon Da Hyun Announce Their Pregnancy

They’re going to welcome a baby!

Epik High‘s rapper Mithra Jin and his wife, actress Kwon Da Hyun have shared the happy news of their first pregnancy!

Mithra Jin made a post on his personal Instagram account, sharing the news with Epik High fans around the world.

Everyone~ I have good news that I want to share with you all today~ Finally, I am also going to be a father~ The baby’s fetal name is Bboom Bboom-ie and it has been 23 weeks now~

Bboom Bboom-ie started kicking around in mom’s stomach, and is growing healthily. The expected delivery date is in early June, please send us your support so the baby will continue to grow without issue~!!!

— Mithra Jin

Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun got married in October 2015, and this will be their first child. Following the birth of their child, all three Epik High members will be fathers, with Tablo having a daughter, Haru, and DJ Tukutz having a son, Yoon Woo, and a daughter, Tae Yeon.