August 9th

The Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, And More Get Into Hilarious Beef On ATEEZ’s Mingi’s Birthday Tweet
This feels like a fever dream 😂
BTS’s J-Hope’s Bodyguards Have An Extra Threat They Need To Protect Him From: Walls
“He’s just a silly little guy 🥺🥺”
BIBI Shares That She Was Unaware She Had Joined The “Under-Boob Trend” Until After It Happened
She still rocked the look!
GOT7’s Jackson Wang Credits The Kinjaz For Being The Reason Why He Fell In Love With Dance
It’s thanks to them that we have Jackson’s masterful performances.
TWICE’s Jihyo And Sana Remind Us Of An Iconic Viral Video
They’re going viral too!
GOT7’s Mark Tuan Spills On Who He Thinks Is The Sexiest Member Of The Group
Personally, we think they’re all smoking hot.
BTS’s RM Shows The Inside Of His Gorgeous Home And Now Everyone Is Totally Jealous
It’s so pretty!
Netizens Are Stunned By NewJeans Minji’s Real-Life Visuals In Recent Journalist Photos
No editing needed!
K-Pop Fans Are Both Confused And Entertained By Billboard Charts’ Now-Deleted Tweet
“Bad Decisions” were made.
Yena Has A Trick That Helps Her Cheat Her Diet Despite Her Brother’s Strict Supervision
Quick thinking and even quicker hands are essential.