EXO Has 10 Furry Little friends…This Is Who They Are

EXO’s furbabies might be even cuter than their “dads”!

1. Kai‘s Dogs – Monggu, Jjanggu, and Jjangah

One dog just isn’t enough for EXO‘s biggest dog lover. Kai has to have three!


Monggu is Kai’s oldest dog, a poodle with chocolate fur and gooey eyes. He is also the most popular pooch in Kai’s dog pack.

When Kai bought Monggu home, he thought Monggu was a toy poodle. Imagine Kai’s surprise when his tiny puppy continued to grow!


Eagle-eyed fans were delighted to spot Monggu’s cameo appearance EXO’s “Miracles in December” music video. Now, he is just as famous as his owner!


Plus, how many dogs can brag about having a café named after them? Kai named his sister’s Kamong Espresso Café after Monggu by combining “Kai” and “Monggu”.


Unlike Monggu, Kai’s second dog, Jjanggu is a real toy poodle.


Jjanggu may be younger than his Monggu-hyung but he can’t let Monggu have all the fame! Jjangu appeared with Kai in a photoshoot during SM Entertainment‘s video series W Live S.M. Fashionistas. 


Jjangah is the maknae of the Kai pack and the only female. Like Jjanggu, she is an adorable toy poodle.


Kai’s dogs all appeared together for the first time in EXO Showtime. 


Kai absolutely loves his fur family. His face lights up every time he talks about them.


Kai isn’t the only one who loves his dogs!


SHINee‘s Taemin also cuddle Kai’s puppies whenever he gets the chance!


 2. Chanyeol‘s Dog – Toben

In January 2017, Chanyeol introduced his furbaby, Toben, to fans through Instagram.

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At the time, Chanyeol and Toben were sporting matching hairstyles!


Chanyeol loves to hold and snuggle with his puppy, despite having allergies!

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Toben, short for “Beethoven”, has become a beloved “dogstagram” star and fans fell so much in love with Toben that Chanyeol gave him his own Instagram account!


Toben currently has 680k followers, loves to post photos of his favorite outfits…

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…favorite activities…

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…and favorite friends!

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3. D.O.‘s Dogs – Pepper and Ink

D.O. loves other people’s furbabies so much that he finally decided to adopt two toy poodles back in 2017.


He named one dog Pepper, after the gray-colored spice…


…and he named his black dog Ink.


D.O.’s dogs love to visit their Uncle Sehun

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…and go on play-dates with their Cousin Vivi!


Fun Fact: D.O. voiced a dog named Moongchi in the 2018 movie The Underdog. 


4. Suho‘s Dog – Byul

To Suho, Byul is more of a daughter than a dog.


The two appeared together in the Better Together photo shoot for W magazine


It doesn’t get much cuter than this!


5. Baekhyun‘s Dog – Mongryong

Baekyun loves Pembroke Welsh Corgis so much that, according to fans, he is even starting to look like them.


But of all the Corgis in all the world, Baekhyun loves Mongryong the most!

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Baekhyun first introduced Mongryong to fans on May 9, 2015 with this Instagram photo.


Since then, Baekyun and Mongryong have become the best of friends. They love hanging out together…

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…and relaxing after a long day.

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Fans have even created Mongryong and Baekhyun fan art…


…and given Baekhyun Mongryong plushies as presents!


6. Sehun‘s Dog – Vivi

Fans first met Sehun’s Bichon Frise pup in 2016, during the June 6 airing of Exomentary. He introduced Vivi during the segment Please Take Care of Sehun’s Puppy.


During the show, Sehun said that Vivi gave him comfort every time he needed it through companionship and cuteness.


Since Sehun is often busy with EXO group activities, he leaves Vivi at home with his family, but Sehun still spends quality time with Vivi whenever he can.

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They enjoy visiting parks…

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…and just chilling out together.

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Like any dog-dad, Sehun loves to brag about how smart Vivi is.


During a live broadcast, Sehun showed how well Vivi could “sit”.


Sehun also makes sure that his furbaby is fashionably dressed!

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7. Xiumin‘s Cat – Tan

Ximin’s cat, Tan, is currently the only kitty in the EXO pet family!


One look at Tan’s kitten photos is enough to melt anyone’s heart.


Pet ownership it isn’t always fun and games. Like any responsible parent, Xiumin makes sure Tan is taken care of when she is sick!


They say that owners end up looking like their pets. For Xiumin, this couldn’t be truer!


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