5 Things You Never Knew About About Sulli, That’ll Make You Cry

This beautiful idol has had her fair share of struggles at a young age.

1. She came to Seoul alone when she was in 4th grade of elementary school and had a difficult trainee life

Sulli had cried confessing that she had a hard time when she was a trainee. Living apart from her parents at such a young age was apparently very difficult to handle alongside her busy training schedule. During these times, it was Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Taeyeon who had helped her endure her struggles.

“I was so thankful for Tiffany and Taeyeon when I was a trainee. I had a hard time living in the dorm away from my parents but they helped me get through. I came (to Seoul) alone and only had them to rely on, but after they debuted as Girls’ Generation, they became so busy that I couldn’t even see them and I was left alone in the dorms. After I debuted, I was happy to be able to see them often.”

ㅡ Sulli


2. She confessed that there was a time she didn’t want to wake up from her sleep

Sulli had once posted a message on her Instagram that made fans’ hearts ache. The purpose of her post was to support her boyfriend at the time, Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, and his comeback but her message also hinted the fact that she endured a very difficult time.

“There was a time when I thought it would be nice if I would never wake up from my sleep. Then my boyfriend showed me this song…It made me feel better and more stable. This is why I cried…!! I uploaded this post as a fan because the song was so good!!”

ㅡ Sulli


3. She suffered from aquaphobia

Sulli revealed on Amazing f(x) the reason behind her aquaphobia. When she was young, she went on a retreat with her church where two girls dunked her head in the water and didn’t let her come back up. Since then, she had suffered from severe aquaphobia, not even being able to wash her face properly. She described at the time that it was on her bucket list to overcome this phobia and challenge herself to scuba diving. The good news is that she later uploaded a picture of herself scuba diving, meaning she was able to overcome her fear and check one thing off her bucket list!


4. Her biggest regret is not having gone to college

In an interview with a magazine, Sulli stated that she regrets not being able to attend college. Due to her busy schedule, she had lacked the time to properly prepare for college entrance and therefore, she said that she intends to attend college even if it is later in her life. She also mentioned that sometimes she wonders what it would have been like if she hadn’t debuted so early in her life.

“Of the 24 years I’ve lived, the thing I most regret is not having attended university. I’ve always wanted to go but I couldn’t. I’ll definitely go even if it’s later on in life. In the beginning, it was a bit tough for me because I became a part of this huge group called ‘entertainment’. I often wonder what it would have been like if I’d learned about society in a smaller group first.”

ㅡ Sulli


5. She used to be insecure about being a celebrity

Sulli confessed that she used to think she wasn’t fit for the entertainment industry and that there was no space for someone like her as she thought she was different from other celebrities. However, that has changed and she revealed that her confidence grew and that she’s gained a sense of achievement and responsibility.

“I used to believe that I didn’t fit well (in the entertainment industry). I would look at people who are ‘different’ from me and think, ‘I can’t. People like them belong as celebrities.'”

ㅡ Sulli