Forming through the survival reality show SIXTEEN, the 9 members of TWICE took the world by storm from the moment they made their debut in 2015.

Exceptional in many ways, TWICE stand out from the crowd with their high-energy performances, fun music style, and intriguing concepts, as well as for their great relatability to fans.

ONCE Can’t Believe How Many Versions TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Album Actually Has

Here are 10 relatable reactions from fans!

TWICE’s Nayeon And Sana May Have Spoiled Nayeon’s Solo Debut Last Year

The spoiler fairies strike again!

TWICE’s Mina Tests Positive For COVID-19

We hope she recovers soon!

TWICE’s Sana Gives Impressive Insight On MBTI Personality Types That Introverts Can Relate To

Chaeyoung couldn’t agree more!

TWICE’s Nayeon Tries To Spray ONCE With Water…But Ends Up Hitting The Security Guard Instead

She apologized when she realized her mistake!

Security Guard At TWICE’s “III” Encore Concert Was Ready To Risk It All

Getting paid to see TWICE? Talk about a successful fan!

TWICE’s “Prada Girl” Sana Stuns ONCE With Her Exquisite Beauty In New Video For “Vogue Korea”

Sana Prada brand ambassador when?

TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Debut Logo May Have A Hidden Meaning, According To Detective ONCEs

Did you notice this?

TWICE Makes Their Live TV Debut In The United States On “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”…And Accidentally Becomes Senators?

Congrats on your Senate debut, TWICE! 😂

TWICE Jihyo’s Reaction When Tzuyu Burst Into Tears On Stage Showcases Her True Personality

Jihyo=best leader!