From their rookie days until now, the fierce and confident quintet have been setting themselves apart as the ultimate girl crush.

In addition to their signature powerful sound and style, they’ve always taken the girl crush concept to the next level sharing empowering messages of self-love, confidence, and not letting anyone define you.

15 Times ITZY’s Yeji And A Mirror Agreed That She Was The Prettiest Of Them All

When your only competition is your reflection.

ITZY’s Lia Once Used Her Parents’ Credit Card Without Permission, But The Reason Highlights Her True Passion For Her Craft

Lucky for MIDZY, Lia won’t take no for an answer.

10 Times ITZY’s Ryujin Charmed Everyone With Her Hair In A Bun

Ryujin never has a bad hair day.

ITZY’s Yeji Is All Smiles As She Challenges Gyeongju World’s Most Extreme Rides

Roller coasters aren’t so bad when you don’t have a fear of heights.

ITZY’s Yeji And Ryujin Compete To See Who The Better Driver Is

They were both super determined to win!

ITZY Reveal Their True Feelings About Meeting Fans In Person After A Long Time Apart

The long-awaited reunion between ITZY and MIDZY

Every Member Of ITZY Has A Unique Smile, And All Of Them Are Contagious

ITZY’s smiles are free therapy.

ITZY’s Yuna Discovers Potential Backup Career In Recent Vlog

I think it’s safe to say her career as an idol will continue!

ITZY’s Yuna Reassures Fans That She’s Eating Well After They Express Concern For Her Thin Appearance

She updated fans.

ITZY’s Pre-Fanmeeting Dance Practice Shows Just How Much Work Goes Into Preparing For It

They practice hard!