Dawn Updates Viewers On HyunA’s Health And Delayed Comeback On “Radio Star”

“I’m nursing her with all my heart.” — Dawn

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Dawn proved to be THE model boyfriend.

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HyunA And Dawn Sync Upload Adorable Pictures Onto Instagram

They were like, “Let’s put up these on both our accounts.”

HyunA Updates Fans On Her Recent Weight Gain And Apologizes For Canceling Her Comeback

She updated worried fans about her current condition.

HyunA Reveals That She Gives More Gifts To Her Fans Than To Dawn

There are also some people who try to take advantage of HyunA’s kindness.

HyunA Claims Her 2012 MV “Ice Cream” Got Banned From Broadcasts Because Of Her Eyes

They banned her MV because of her eyes.

HyunA Says She Ignores PSY’s Calls And Texts Because She Can

HyunA finally saw the light.

HyunA Was Infuriated When Dawn Fell Asleep While She Was Talking, But The Truth Behind It Made Her Feel Guilty

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HyunA Reveals What Triggered Her To Tell The Truth About Her Depression And Panic Disorder

She was diagnosed 3 years prior to the public announcement.