F(x)’s Amber Liu Releases Comeback Single With BTOB’s Peniel

This time, she is focusing on vocals and leaving the rapping to Peniel. 

F(x)’s Victoria Officially Leaves SM Entertainment

All 4 f(x) members have left SM Entertainment.

F(x)’s Amber Liu Shares Heartfelt Message In Honor Of SHINee Jonghyun’s Birthday

She posted a message of gratitude towards Jonghyun on his birthday.

F(x)’s Amber Reveals She Felt Like She Had To Be Skinny To Debut

Amber only had a year and a half to make it into f(x).

Krystal Shares The Hilarious Story Behind How She And Her Mom Bonded Over Cereal

Krystal shares the cutest relationship with her mom!

F(x)’s Krystal Reportedly Cast As A Female Lead In KBS’s Upcoming Police K-Drama

Actress Krystal is back!

F(x)’s Luna Opens Up About What Led To Her Having Self-Esteem Issues And How She Overcame Them

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20 Moments That Show SHINee And f(x)’s Amber Liu Have The Cutest Friendship

OG friendship goals ❤️

F(x)’s Luna Shares How Playing The Character Of Elle Woods In “Legally Blonde” Changed Her Life

She spoke very fondly about the positive impact Elle Woods had on her life!

F(x)’s Luna Has Established Her Very Own Entertainment Agency

CEO Luna is here!