Eric Nam

Eric Nam Receives Worldwide Success With New Album “There And Back Again” As It Tops Charts

He’s charting on both Spotify and iTunes!

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15+ Thirst Tweets Eric Nam Probably Regrets Asking For

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Eric Nam Hosts Panel At San Diego Comic-Con

Is he now a superhero?!

Eric Nam Can’t Get Over How Buff NCT’s Mark Is In His Spider-Man Halloween Costume

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Eric Nam Is Taking Over TikTok With His Song “I Don’t Know You Anymore,” Here’s 20+ Of The Funniest Fan Videos

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BTS’s Suga Once Started A Book Club With Eric Nam And Epik High’s Tablo

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THE BOYZ’s Eric Reacted To Eric Nam’s New Music Video, And It’s So Relatable

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Eric Nam Breaks The Internet Then Fixes It With Comeback Announcement

Everyone, say “thank you, Eric Nam,” for fixing the internet. 

Eric Nam’s Instagram Was Hacked… By TXT’s Taehyun And Yeonjun

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