Chungha Reveals What A Fortune Teller’s Predictions For Her Love Life Are In 2021

“If someone really great shows up and moves your heart…”

Chungha Reveals A Spoiler For Her New Song And Fans Are Shocked

That’s a good spoiler!

Chungha Officially Released From Quarantine, Stopping All Activities To Focus On Safety And Health

Safety and health first!

Chungha Sheds Tears And Reveals The Time She Almost Quit Her Music Career

It was a cry fest after her confession.

EXID’s Hani Says Chungha Kept Apologizing Following Her COVID-19 Diagnosis

“Chungha couldn’t make it because she’s sick.”

Dispatch Debunks Rumors Surrounding Chungha’s Positive Coronavirus Diagnosis — She First Tested Negative

Chungha first received a negative result.

TWICE’s Sana And Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung Reportedly Gathered For Dinner Recently With Chungha … Cosmic Girls Under Testing

Praying for negative results.

Chungha Apologizes And Assures Fans She’s Okay And Promises To Return Healthier Than Before

She told fans not to worry.

Singer Chungha Confirms Positive For COVID-19

She has confirmed positive.

5 Times Chungha Got Scared From Winning

Chungha never gets used to winning.