BTOB Reportedly Rejects Mnet’s Offer To Join Lineup Of “Kingdom”

They declined the offer.

BTOB’s Minhyuk Literally Told A Fan (Jokingly) To Get Lost After She Brought Up His Iconic Acting Scene


BTOB’s Changsub Instagram Post Might Be A Message To Fans Regarding Ilhoon’s Departure

He wrote a sweet message.

BTOB’s Leader, Seo Eunkwang Speaks Up For The First Time After Ilhoon’s Controversy And Departure

He posted a sweet message to fans.

Cube Entertainment Announces Ilhoon Will No Longer Be Part Of BTOB Following Marijuana Scandal

He is no longer part of BTOB.

BTOB 4U’s Minhyuk Blessed His Lookalike TXT’s Soobin With The Best Title

Their senior-junior friendship is too precious.

Netizens Discuss Whether Or Not The Remaining BTOB Members Knew About Ilhoon Smoking Marijuana

One netizen came forward with a testimony.

BTOB Fans Express Their Frustration And Want Ilhoon Out Of The Group

They feel deceived by him.

BTOB Ilhoon’s Letter To Fans Before Military Enlistment Resurfaces In Light Of Marijuana Controversy

Netizens think BTOB’s Ilhoon indirectly confessed to his marijuana controversy earlier this May.

BTOB Ilhoon’s Past TV Appearance Resurfaces In Light Of His Marijuana Controversy

Netizens are suspicious now.