New Pre-Debut Photos Of aespa’s Winter Are Circulating Online And Her Cheeks Are Everything

From adorable to freaking goddess!

Colleague Of aespa Karina’s Father Posts About The New Girl Group On Social Media

“Yoo Chul’s daughter is finally debuting in a girl group.”

aespa’s Hand-Drawn Journal Entries Show Each Member’s Personality

Congrats on their debut!

aespa’s Giselle Gains Attention For Doing This Behind The MCs

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aespa’s Karina Drives Netizens Wild With Her Visuals, Yet Again, But This Time With Her Perfect Side Profile

They are obsessed with her nose!

Korean Netizens Are Falling For aespa’s Karina – Her Doll-Like Visuals Are No Joke

She’s a doll.

aespa’s Ningning Gets Terrorized By Haters Writing False Information On Her Namu Wiki Page

It has since been edited.

Netizens Think This aespa Member Looks Like BLACKPINK’s Jennie

“Her chubby cheeks are just like Jennie’s” 😂

Netizens Think aespa’s Karina Looks Completely Different With New Eyebrows

They give her a whole new look.

aespa Breaks All-Time Record For K-Pop Debut Music Video Views With “Black Mamba”

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