Mad Clown and EXID’s Hani take a close photo backstage at KBS Music Bank

On January 9th, rapper Mad Clown and EXID member Hani took a photo together backstage at KBS Music BankThe two performed Mad Clown’s new track “Fire” together on the music show. Hani appeared as a mystery collaboration partner in the January 6th trailer for the track, but fans were quick to discover her identity despite her hidden identity.

In the track, which was released on January 9th along with the rapper’s mini-album Piece of Mine, the pair take on the role of a couple in a love-hate relationship. Through the music video and their performance on KBS Music Bank, fans have noted that the two show great chemistry.

In the photo Mad Clown and Hani took together backstage at the music show, the rapper can be seen in a fresh blue blazer and his signature round-framed glasses, while the EXID member looked cute in a simple red top. The two struck identical poses for the camera, and fans noted how close and friendly the pair seemed.