LEGEND releases making of film for “Trace” MV ft. Roi

On January 28th, male group LEGEND released a making of film for their latest music video “Trace,” focusing on group member Roi

Like the version of the making of film featuring group leader Listen, Roi’s making film runs for a little under three minutes and features the group member filming his individual scenes for the music video. Before the video cut to the singer filming his scenes, however, Roi gave fans a look at his silly side with a hilarious narration.

Unlike his comedic personality revealed in the beginning of the video, the LEGEND member was very professional during his filming for the music video for “Trace” where he acted calm and collected with an emotional undertone. “Trace” was released on January 21st and is an enticing ballad that highlights the amazing vocals of the group.

Roi’s version of the making film for “Trace” is the second to be released so far, so make sure to check it out and keep an eye out for the upcoming releases of the other four members’ individual versions of the making films for the song as well!