Hite Jinro releases IU Chamisul Soju emoticons

Hite Jinro has released cute emoticons of their Chamisul Soju CF model, IU. Hite Jinro shared two CF’s, a student version and an officer worker version, last month featuring the singer and now there are emoticons available for IU fans.

The emoticons of IU range from basic phrases to Chamisul Soju related phrases. Some of the emoticons included says, “Hi~,” “Shy shy,” “A shot of Chamisul after you’re done with your part-time job?“, “Hmm? It’s sweet today!“, “Are you kidding me?!“, and “I’m buying today!

Not only are there basic emoticons, Hite Jinro made sure to add animated emotions of IU showing off her aegyo. There are a total of 15 basic emoticons and five animated emoticons available, along with three desktop wallpapers. All of the emoticons and wallpapers are available to download for free.

The IU emoticons can be found on the official Chamisul Soju website under the “Chamisul Download” tab on the top right corner.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, IU was announced to work alongside actor Lee Hyun Woo as a model for clothing brand Union Bay.

Check out some of the adorable figures here:

Source: Chamisul Soju Official Website