BIGFLO cheerfully celebrates their 200 days since debut

Rookie group BIGFLO celebrates their 200th day since debut on January 4th, 2015.

Debuting on June 19th, 2014, the five member boy group celebrated their 200th day together. The group first step foot on stage with their song “Delilah” which captured the attention of many new fans. Throughout their journey together, BIGFLO released two mini albums titled First Flow and Second Flow.

Recently returning to the stage with the album, Second Flow, BIGFLO also came back with their song “Bad Mama Jama” which continued to display their unique music style. Gaining many fans in Korea, the boys also recently completed their concert in Japan where they met some more of their fans.

Now reaching their 200th day since debut, BIGFLO updated their fans through their Twitter account saying, “Today is BIGFLO’s 200th day. WAVE please congratulate us~.” The members also attached a group photo of themselves displaying name tags tied to their clothing.