MAMAMOO wins 3rd trophy for “You’re The Best” on M! Countdown + Performances for March 11th

Girl group MAMAMOO takes home another trophy in the latest broadcast of Mnet‘s M! Countdown for their title track “You’re The Best.”

Aired on March 11th, MAMAMOO went up against Taemin‘s “Press Your Number,” winning with 9,528 points over 5,921 points.

In addition to their adorable thanks on air, they took to their Facebook account where they uploaded a photo of themselves cuddling their latest trophy backstage. Additionally, they added, “Thank you for the #1 on M! Countdown!!! ㅠㅠ Our precious trophy.”

Performers for the night included Ladies’ Code, Rainbow, RionFive, MAMAMOO, Brave Girls, V.O.S, B.A.P, SNUPER, CLC, ASTRO, AOA Cream, Cosmic Girls, Lee Hi, Lee Jeong Hee, Jung Joon Young, JJCC, KNK, Taemin, 4TEN, and FIESTAR.

Jung Joon Young – Sympathy

Taemin – Press Your Number

MAMAMOO – You’re The Best

Lee Hi – Breathe + Hold my Hand

V.O.S – Stay Together

FIESTAR – Mirror

CLC – High Heels

JJCC – ToDay

SNUPER – Platonic Love

KNK – Knock


Rion Five – Unbroken

B.A.P – Feel So Good

Rainbow – Whoo

Brave Girls – Deepened

Ladies Code – Galaxy

Lim Jeong Hee – Crazy

4TEN – Severely

AOA Cream – I’m Jelly Baby

Cosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo