More Staffs And Dancers That Have Worked With Red Velvet’s Irene Step Up To Defend Her

Some of them have worked with her for significant periods of time.

Former SM Entertainment Trainee Tweets Bullying Allegation Against Red Velvet’s Irene

Mone was a trainee for 10 months at SM Entertainment.

Here’s The Incident That May Have Led To Red Velvet Irene’s Attitude Controversy Blowing Up

Netizens believe this could have sparked the outrage.

NCT Doyoung’s Description of Red Velvet’s Irene Resurfaces In Light Of Her Poor Attitude Controversy

“I’m still scared of her right now…” — Doyoung

Makeup Artists And Hair Stylists From Red Velvet’s Regular Salon Speak Up To Defend The Allegations Made Against Irene

This hair and makeup team has been with Red Velvet since debut.

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Former SM Stylist Refutes Poor Attitude Claims Made Against Red Velvet’s Irene

She shared her own experience working with Irene.

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Irene’s Former Stylist Reminds Netizens That There Are Always Two Sides To A Person

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Can A “Blind Item” Be Considered Defamation If The Idol’s Name Isn’t Mentioned? K-Pop Lawyers Explain All

A blind item is a story, report, or claim that gives all the details of a story except the name of the person involved.

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Park Jin Young’s Past Emphasis On The Importance Of Personality And Character As Idols Resurfaces Online

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NCT U Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation And Allegedly Mocking Indian Culture

Indian fans want an apology from Taeyong, Xiaojun, and Shotaro.

Fans Hilariously Tell SHINee’s Minho To Stop Being So Like Himself When They Found Out What He Refused Early Military Discharge For

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Baekhyun, Mark, And Taeyong Called Out For “Colorist” Remarks Toward Lucas—Here’s What Really Happened

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Fans Show Support For Red Velvet’s Irene In Light Of Her Controversy

They are encouraging others to show Irene compassion and understanding.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Knew She Made A Fashion Error When She Found Out Just How Much Jennie’s Pants Cost

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